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June 09, 2023
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General News: USDA Grant to Cheesemakers at Edgwick Farm

Inside the new creamery, Dan Jones shapes the goat feta cheese into patties.
Inside the new creamery, Dan Jones shapes the goat feta cheese into patties.
Talitha Thurau stirs a vat of goat's milk being processed.
Talitha Thurau stirs a vat of goat's milk being processed.
A couple of goats posed for a photo recently.
A couple of goats posed for a photo recently.
The Moodna cheese is described as
The Moodna cheese is described as "An aged Greek style semi-firm feta, salty with a clean distinct flavor that can be sliced or crumbled."
February 06, 2012

By Nancy Peckenham

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded a $120,000 grant to Edgwick Farm, a goat and cheese-making operation on Angola Road run by Talitha Thurau and Dan Jones. The grant, the largest of five given to farms in the Hudson Valley and Catskill area, is part of a nationwide program called Value-Added Producer Grants that are designed to stimulate business growth and provide more locally-grown food.

“This grant is a huge endorsement of what we are doing,” Talitha said after hearing the news. “This means that people see our farm’s viability.” She also noted that it is good to see the federal government re-investing tax dollars in the Cornwall community.

Cheese Production Underway at Edgwick Farm

Just two months ago, the duo got a cheese-making license from the New York State Department of Agriculture following completion of a milking and creamery barn. The couple already has a healthy herd of goats that live in a hoop house next to the barn.

In recent days, Talitha and Dan have gotten in the labels for their new cheeses, which include Moodna Goat Milk Feta Cheese and Canterbury Soft Goat Milk Cheese. They welcomed visitors to the Angola Road farm this past weekend to sample some of their cheeses and to meet the new kids on the block. (Follow Edgwick Farm on Facebook to find out when they have will have the next Open House to sample and purchase cheeses.)

Birthing Baby Goats, aka Kidding, in Full Steam at Farm

Since kidding season got underway in January, Talitha and Dan, as well as their children and friends, have been busy birthing baby goats. Forty-five kids have been born on the farm already this year, including quadruplets born on Friday.  Most of the babies have been sent to live on another farm because Edgwick Farm is already at capacity for its goat herd and everyone is working full-time on making cheese.

Look for Edgwick Farm cheese this Thursday at the Cornwall Winter Farmer's Market next to Ring's Pond, 4 to 5 pm. (You can also pick up grass-fed beef and pork products from Kiernan Farms if you order in advance by calling 845- 255-5995. Ivy Rock Farm of New Windsor will also have its eggs and free-range chicken and turkeys; Call 534-0365,)

And stay tuned for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the creamery on March 21 at 11a, when the New York Commissioner of Agriculture and other dignitaries will be on hand to celebrate the agricultural achievements of Edgwick Farm.


Wonderful cheese and had a terrific time cuddling one of the quads. Congratulations on your grant and continued success.

posted by Kathy Schimpf on 02/06/12 at 7:47 PM

This is a tremendously competitive granting source. What a fantastic win for our local farms. Thalia you are very deserving of these resources.

posted by j h on 02/06/12 at 8:32 PM

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